that’s not yours.

and i think about talking to you but what would i even say now? didn’t i already try and fail at that. when do i stop wasting my own time. when do people stop lying. when do i know.   bed;shorts;sports bra; bun   it’s so, empty. everything feels so empty. and i dont know […]

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is now a good time?

i think love is inconvenient. maybe that’s why the best loves, always seem to hurt so much. or maybe i’m the only one who goes through that..   because they;re one sided.. deck; duster; hair in a towel; crickets and god knows whatelse..   i don’t think anyone even reads this.. i think everyone forgets […]

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the papers came

and i’ve had two people ask me how i felt about that. which is nice. it’s nice anyone cares. because i’m starting not to.   bed; pink nightgown; glasses; bun; fan   my eyes are still burning from a nap i took earlier. i’ve been taking naps then staying up all night with a full […]

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i need to change my voicemail

bed; light blue tanktop that i know is see-through; blue stripped sleep shorts; barefoot; hair clip; idk..   i don’t know why i’m even writing today. i just feel like sharing a tiny bit but- with a very select audience. becuase it’s hard to share when you don’t have any idea how you’ll be recieved […]

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collard greens

and you know it really doesn’t matter because no ones paying attention. and the to-do list is getting longer, and you’re not on it anymore.   deck; robe; beer; fireworks in the distance     and it’s everything i feared. and i feel like i’m the only person int he world doing it. and i […]

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i feel like i write about this so often.   anyone who knows me probably could write a book about me because i overshare. but probably nothing important.   deck;glasses;underwear;slippers;sweater; hairclip; frogs? i think that’s that animal i hear..   there are so many lightniing bugs. it reminds me of being a kid actually.   […]

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