mercy kill

i wish i could figure out how to compartmentalize my life more so. my keyboards kinda sticky.. i had a cover on it, maybe that-ya. ok. who cares. deck;sweatpants (you know- the ones from highschool with the hole); glasses; tshirt; AND my stripped beige and black sweater that basically is a box; slippers;   i […]

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and i’ve started to wonder

maybe i should’ve stayed.. maybe i could’ve re-chosen happy. maybe i could have reworked some kind of magic and became, good enough. “right” the round peg.   maybe it was all my fault. maybe i couldve done anything different or better or been different or better   maybe if i wouldve stuck it out- things […]

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fly on the wall

how do you break up with someone you aren’t dating?   or do you even need to go through that formality? what if you want to date them. do you break up the not dating before actually dating? help.   bed;butterfly nightgown (what a fucking idiot); glasses; bun; barefoot   i’m seeing a pattern of […]

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compartmentalize asjdkhfa i do that sometimes to see if i spelled something wrong, and to see if spellcheck is on. maybe i’m the only one.   sweatpants; wet hair; barefeet;coffee;glasses;Paramore   Being alone is so strange. i had a discusion once with a good friend about solitude vs. isolation. interesting viewpoint depending on who you […]

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i don’t know how to say it

i have this water i really like, called VOSS. but it’s flavored. but i feel like such a cunt drinking it. it’s okay to be a cunt i guess. robe;and sweatpants?;glasses;wet hair; slippers; john mayer -“i don’t trust myself”   hold onto whatever you find baby.- thanks John.   fuck. some screws just fell off […]

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so.. there’s that.

i cried at the sunday morning show.. wtf.   couch; glasses;brian’s robe; tv; pizza rolls   they’re people in canada sponsoring syrian refugees with their own money and bringing them to a safe “home”. they support them for a year. they like, buy them basically.. sight unseen.   i need more pizza rolls.. hold on. […]

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i paint my nails a lot. and i’m not even good at it. could i live in a 500 square foot home with my 6’5 husband? what if there was a baby.   ponytail;nose strip;robe;tea- earl grey with creamer- btw i’ve been told it’s weird to put creamer in tea.   i think it’s weird […]

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