that’s not yours.

and i think about talking to you but what would i even say now?

didn’t i already try and fail at that.

when do i stop wasting my own time.

when do people stop lying.

when do i know.


bed;shorts;sports bra; bun


it’s so, empty.

everything feels so empty.

and i dont know how to change that. because me, i’m not empty. i’ve overflowing.

not that a single person sees that.

does that mean i’m not showing it?


i just feel like breaking down every ten minutes. but that isnt a choice and no one wants to see that. no one understands.


they see i failed and think i should just let it go

that’s because they’ve gotten everything that wanted.

everything they worked for, worked out.


is that because they have lower expectations than me?

that i have a fire in my belly?

they are okay with good enough? and i’m not.

so therefor i will keep getting my heart broken and having my giant pipe dreams die?


i hope no..

but i think i might..



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