collard greens

and you know it really doesn’t matter because no ones paying attention.

and the to-do list is getting longer, and you’re not on it anymore.


deck; robe; beer; fireworks in the distance



and it’s everything i feared.

and i feel like i’m the only person int he world doing it.

and i don’t think i chose this, even though in a way, i did.


being alone, can be really nice. when it was a choice. when you WANT to be alone.

but when you have to be alone, because you know it’s better than settling and being with someone who doesnt really want to be with you- what’s it called then?

i like to think, brave.

but is it?

maybe it would;ve been noble to stay and- idk. kill myself quietly for it.


“i’m an addict for dramatics i confuse the two for love.”

it’s weird to think no one notices is all.

and if i’d leave tomorrow (which i have)- it’d be the same.



so maybe i will.

maybe i’ll leave tomorrow.


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