i feel like i write about this so often.


anyone who knows me probably could write a book about me because i overshare.

but probably nothing important.


deck;glasses;underwear;slippers;sweater; hairclip; frogs? i think that’s that animal i hear..


there are so many lightniing bugs.

it reminds me of being a kid actually.


i’ve been wanting to go outside a lot recently.

but like- go ride quads and fish and stuff.


but- man. i have a lot on my brain today but i’m not sure what i should say and what i should just skip and leave out..

everything seems so, overdone. i feel just, sick of it. like it’s a waste of my breath. i’d rather sit and cry and watch tv or not cry and just go numb and drink tea.

i like sleeping. but i tend to sleep to much and it makes me feel sick.

then i get sad because i’m sick.


lifes been going in this super fucked up patturn for me recently that looks kinda like that.

sleepy, sick, then i’m okay and then i kinda want to fight people and i get empowered then i’m like- wow i was wrong i have no power.

then i get really sad.

and cry in my shower.



i was tihnking the other day i should put my vibrator in my shower so that i will stop crying in there.

because if you cry and do that at the same time, something is super wrong bro.

you need help, really. i’ll give you the name of my guy.



you know. maybe i’ll go to bed.

not going to bed at 2am might be cool.

i could wake up and drink coffee and maybe not be miserable and get myself together.


i need to put myself in place.

“check yourself before you wreck yourself”


maybe that’ll be my new mantra.



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